I loved this latest topic for Let’s Draw Sherlock. It was a hard time for me to pick a favourite Matrix scene though! In the end I chose Cypher’s betrayal.

I also wanted to do the bit from Reloaded where Trinity gets shot and she’s sort of rolling around in a shiny leather catsuit all stoic and beautiful, and Neo comes along and squeezes her heart until it starts beating properly, and then they kiss uwu

This is one of those scenes that was so creepy and rapey in the movie, and then genderswapping it leads to such interesting results.

Also, I’m laughing because Sherlock’s standing there looking about as blank and doll-like as Neo generally did. ^_^  Not that he’s got much to say right here; it’s just funny because it works so well.

Also also, this John/Moran thing I’m developing may become a problem.

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