Why don’t people talk about RDJ Sherlock?

Because him and Jude Law are actually amazing and apparently tumblr ignores them and I want to find stuff about RDJ as Sherlock and you can’t look for anything Sherlock related without bloody Cumberbum showing up all over the tags.

So! BBC Sherlock fans my question is this is it just Cumberbatch Sherlock you love? If not why doesn’t anyone talk about fucking RDJ Sherlock?

We all do!  Come join us!

holmes fans please reblog this so failsnail can find fellow fans!

RDJ is my favourite Holmes. I love Elementary too. Don’t care about the BBC version.

Tumblr doesn’t ignore RDJ’s Holmes, I see it fairly regularly – certainly not in the volume of the BBC or Elementary versions – but it is an awesome version and deserves to be adored and shared freely.  I like most of the Sherlock Holmes iterations, actually, and think everyone should enjoy what they like, however they like it. I personally adore RDJ!Holmes and JL!Watson so hard it’s embarrassing – or would be, anyway, if I could remember what shame is. 

Cumberbatch does abound, and I am fond of him, but YES I LOVE RDJ!HOLMES AND JL!WATSON I AM IN.

Hey.  Hey.  Random’s got some sexay fic with these two.  You should go check it out.  My personal favorite is The Singular Case of Mr. Norbury, as it is hot, BAMFY Watson-on-Watson action with no Holmes getting in the way of our their fun.

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