Oh, okay, Oms.  Just for you.

1: My right eye is lazy.  It looks normal, but I can’t see out of it well so basically I’m a cyclops.  For this reason, 3D is wasted on me.

2: I grew up in the woods, and if I go too long without getting outdoors and into some nature, I start getting jittery.

3: In the last few years, I developed an allergy to processed corn products.  I can’t eat corn syrup, corn starch, things cooked in corn oil, or any of the stuff made from it, like maltodextrin.  This has put a real cramp on my ability to eat out, but on the other hand it’s really improved the quality of my diet.

4: I can’t do bottom or sub!Sherlock.  Really really can’t.  It makes me all jittery and yuck.  This is strikes me as so baffling and odd that I really wish I knew why it’s so.

5: I have a startling talent for biofeedback.  I’ve always had a knack for consciously controlling things like my perception of pain and willfully manipulating my emotions and mental patterns.  Given some things I’ve seen and heard about my relatives, I think it runs in the family.

I’m tagging (assuming they want to do it) mydwynter, bachin221b, traumachu, archiaart, otterondeck, teahigh, toomanystarstocount (because you send me PMs, but I don’t know anything about you!), wearitcounts (because you also send me PMs and I want to know more about you!), thescienceofobsession, aaaaand angelblack3 (you delightful enigma, you).

Stupid things posting in the wrong blog…

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