One of my longtime October traditions is a re-read of A Night In the Lonesome October, a fun romp in which Jack the Ripper and his dog Snuff attempt to save the world.  There are lots of lovable fluffy talking animals, seas and messes of blood, Elder Gods, and human sacrifice.  

Also Frankenstein, Dracula, and the Wolfman.  And a wide cast of druids, witches, mad monks, cross-dressing thelemists, and evil vicars. Not to mention Sherlock Holmes (who spends most of the book in drag).

It’s a quick fun read, has great Gahan Wilson drawings, and since it’s all from Snuff’s point of view, is literally a shaggy dog’s story.

A rec from merripestin for an old, old favorite of mine.  It’s sitting on my bookshelf by my bed, for easy access.

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