miss rosie (leigh‘s girlfriend) hasn’t been very well lately, and i know that tai is quite possibly her favourite fandom artist on tumblr, so i asked tai nicely if she could do a quick commission for me just to give leigh and rosie something to feel happy about because of their circumstances!

she said yes because she is without a doubt worth her weight in gold and eggs combined!! ♡ i am blessed with great friends, and i wish them happiness and health always. *gets all mushy*

tai, you are a star, seriously. thank you so, so much. and rosie and leigh, i hope this makes you both smile, and i hope all the best for both of you ♡♡♡♡

give spencer a kiss from me because i never had the courage 

GUYS.  THIS IS SHERLOCK AND JOHN AND A COCKATIEL.  Nobody told me about this.  What do I keep you people around for.

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