Man, I am LOVING the posts going around from different fan artists showing how they’ve progressed as artists over the years. I think it’s fantastic! It really shows how much everyone starts out doing not-so-great work before they get to do the good stuff. 

I kind of wish we could do the same thing for writers. I don’t think it would be as effective because it’s missing that instant visual connection, but the process is very much the same. 

Nobody is good at any art or craft right out of the gate. The internet has made it easy for beginners to share what they’re working on. Which is GREAT, because you can find community and feedback and mentors, which are all absolutely VITAL. But it also sucks, because you find assholes who think that everyone who posts work online should a) meet their standards and b) only write/draw what interests them.

Frankly, fuck them. Creating stuff is hard. Trying to improve is hard. Trying to help others improve is hard. Mocking someone’s efforts is easy.

If you’re a better artist or writer than someone else and you do anything publicly other than offer encouragement and support to that person, you are a jackass of the highest order. And if you’re not a better artist or writer than someone else, why should they care if you think they suck?

I’m not saying everyone has to like everything. I’m not saying there’s no room for criticism. I’m saying there’s a difference between criticism and cruelty, and it’s a pretty obvious line.

Roane says smart things.

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