Chuck puts into words my exact concerns.

Wonder Woman is a hard sell because when she’s written well, she comes with
a profoundly female perspective. A female
*warrior-goddess*perspective, admittedly—but while I think women
would go see a well-done
Wonder Woman movie in droves, I think most men are actively (if
subconsciously) taught to avoid that perspective.

When Black Widow, who’s *proven *herself rock-solid and who’s a more
accessible character for men (though I’m not even going to get into the
irony of that here), can’t even get her own independent movie, and the
comics industry STILL refuses to acknowledge how much of their profits come
from female fans, there is just no way this is going to work. At least not
coming out of Hollywood.

Chuck Wendig: Here’s how you ruin Wonder Woman for the movies

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