I think that this is a good time to remind all our readers that if you murder us, you won’t get chapter 15.

Odalisque Summary:

Married off at 17, John’s spent his adult life surviving his psychopathic demon of a husband. Jim wants John to carry his kids just as much as John doesn’t. It’s a hell of a balancing act, but John’s managing to make it work…till Jim’s new obsession, Sherlock Holmes, comes on the scene and fucks things up for everybody.

The usual warnings (we’re serious about these!):

If you’re unfamiliar with Odalisque, you should be aware that it comes with trigger warnings for domestic physical, mental, and sexual abuse, sexual slavery, abortion, and rape.  Also, it’s not omegaverse, but it is mpreg.

On the other hand, it does have WHUMP FOR ALL (particularly John), John being a BAMF despite whumpage, Molly and Mike getting their awesome on, social world-building, gender issues, and porn that forwards the plot.  And once Sherlock comes into the picture, there will also be mindfuckery, manipulative genius!games, and more whump.

If you want to read from the beginning:

Chapter 1 on AO3

Chapter 1 on LJ

BBC Sherlock fic: Odalisque chapter 14

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