(It’s okay, nothing horrible below.)


He damn well should take her seriously.  Forensic scientists are ferociously intelligent, methodical, and rigorous.  What they do, in some ways, is the pinnacle of science.  Every single piece of evidence they study, every test they run, claim they make and conclusion they draw, is not only documented in detail, but then tested in court.  If they ever fuck up, even once—jump too far in a conclusion, make a claim they can’t back up—they could lose their entire career.

And Beverly isn’t just any forensic scientist.  The FBI is legendary for the quality of its forensics.  Beverly is the head of her team.  To have gotten where she is, Beverly has to be among the best of the best in the world at what she does.

If Hannibal knows how to feel fear, Beverly should terrify him.  All these brilliant, highly trained psychologists sashaying around the place—he knows how to deal with them.  He can play the human brain like a harp.  But Beverly deals in crushing, immutable fact.  Next to Will himself—who, we’ll note, is currently muzzled in a cage—she’s probably the most dangerous threat Hannibal faces.

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