25 year old Chen Yen-hui recreates makeup looks from the Tang dynasty

One of the numerous cool things about this is that it just made me realize that there are really old, traditional roots for some of the things we see in modern Asian pop art, like the adorable rosy glow that some Chinese artists like to put on their characters.

Which in turn just gave me a new perspective on just how trashy it is to mock contemporary art, when it’s tapping into and keeping alive these cultural threads.

Pop art, casual art, fanart, they aren’t some kind of junk that somebody just threw up out of nowhere.  Whether it’s Chinese, Korean, African, Mexican, Western, these artists and their work are part of an ongoing, in some cases ancient dialogue that’s still going.  Anybody who wants to trash artists for participating in that can GTFO, because that’s graceful and valuable as hell.

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