okay so I know we all sad and stuff about Sherlock leaving John’s wedding early and all

but imagine what it was like for John to turn around and suddenly Sherlock’s not there and he left without even saying goodbye

imagine John turning around to talk to Sherlock about “hey it’s this song!” or “remember that case —” and not being able to find Sherlock anywhere

 maybe he’d be looking around asking people, “Have you seen Sherlock?” trying to shout over the music and repeating the question, “SHERLOCK?” and people just shake their head or shrug until finally Molly tells him, “I think I saw him leave!” 

and remember all the times Sherlock has just left John, all the times that John has simply turned around and Sherlock wasn’t there and what that must feel like 

that awful drop in the stomach feeling –

and John tells himself, well, weddings obviously aren’t Sherlock’s thing, and he hates people and he probably doesn’t want to dance anyway

and he tells himself that he’s probably lucky that Sherlock performed all his best man duties and gave a fairly amazing toast, attempted murder notwithstanding 

and Mary finds him and she asks him, “What’s wrong?”

and John has to remind himself that this is supposed to be their special day and there’s a baby on the way and he looks at her and she’s his new wife, his wife, and they have a whole future together, she’s meant to be his life now, and she looks beautiful in her wedding dress and she’s looking at him with that crease that she gets in her forehead when she’s slightly anxious and he’s meant to be happy, he deserves to be happy

and so he takes a deep breath and says, “Nothing,” and he tries on a smile. ”Come on. Let’s dance.”  

Yep. This is pretty much just how I imagined it.

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