You know the thing that really pisses me off about what happened with Beverly?


If the stories we’re sold did a better job of treating women with respect, Fuller doing what he didn’t wouldn’t feel so offensive.  99% of the time, when something goes down like this, it’s just a total misogynistic rip-off because what else are women for, if not to either fuck them or make them scream?

But I feel like this show earned what happened.  Bev was an amazing character, and frankly I was wondering how they were going to keep the season from ending with her having hauled Hannibal’s ass in by the half-season pause.  She’s too good.  With Will in prison, she was absolutely the most dangerous person on the show.  Even more than Will, maybe, becuase while Will’s got his weaknesses and his moments of retreat, and Hannibal knows just how to play him, Beverly is relentless.  She was quite possibly even more of an unstoppable force than Hannibal himself.

I adore her, and I adore that Fuller wrote her, and I’m thankful that Hetienne Park is a person I now know exists.  And if the narrative could have borne both of them making it to the end of season 2 alive, I would start a “Rewrite Season 2” campaign.

But the actual problem is that it’s surrounded by a culture that turns it into just another fridging.  And when this happens on a show produced by a guy whom we know gets it, it’s frustrating as hell because the guy who actually listens to us has a reason for it, but all of the jackasses who’re responsible for creating and perpetuating the problem won’t listen to a damn word anyway.

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