I hereby propose a bottomjohn challenge!

You have the space of one ask box to write some bottomjohn sexiness.

It doesn’t have to be a polished fic.  It could be a haiku or limerick, or even just some freeform sexiness, like so:

John squeezed into a red latex mini-dress that wraps his luscious arse so tight he can’t get to the generously proportioned dildo Sherlock pushed into him before he zipped John in.  Mmmm, wobbling in his red stilettos as he has to try to walk while it vibrates inside him.  Yes please.

Although of course if you are an artist who’d like to do some sexy doodles instead, go ahead and send a submission.

If your brain is overflowing with smut, feel free to submit as many as you’d like!  It’s a challenge, not a sweepstakes. ^_^

Guys!  Come play! ^_^

(Hahaha, ‘come play’ I made a funny.)

We don’t have any haiku or limericks yet, I’m just saying. ^_^

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