Raffles and Bunny are Victorian gentlemen who turn to a life of crime because basically they suck at finance and it would be indecent for Raffles to try to actually earn money at cricket like some sort of…professional.

Raffles is the guy everybody wants to hang out with at a party, and seems to be endlessly charmed by how Bunny puffs up like an angry kitten whenever Raffles annoys him.  Bunny spends most of his waking hours admiring the glossiness of Raffles’ curly hair, the steely blue determination of his eye, and commenting on how handsome and exquisitely skilled he is when he’s breaking into houses and stealing peoples’ valuables.  He fills in what little spare time he has with drinking a lot of champagne.  Now and then, they take a break and burgle somebody.

You think I’m being flippant but when you read them you will see that I’m being 100% honest.

The stories were written by ACD’s very own brother-in-law, Hornung, who authored them as a tongue-in-cheek nod to the Holmes stories.

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