June commission for Hamstergal! Oh man I actualy got to draw my beloved June this is the coolest thank you dear <3333

I often say that June is really important, but I’d like to write a bit about WHY she is so so important as a fat lady? Okay question, name at least 5 positive portrayals of overweight female characters in popular media? Don’t know about you, but I can’t do it. But here comes June in the picture. June, who is beautiful, and powerful, and confident and loves fashion. Sure, sometimes, the world around her gets to her, but she always manages to get her confidence back. 

But do you know what I actualy love the most about June? The way the other characters react to her. June is considered (one of) the most beautiful members of the cast by the other characters and you get comments on how beautiful she is by pretty much everyone. You have Ernest and Maks talking about how beautiful she is, you have Zippy wishing she could be “as pretty as pretty girls like June and Cindy”. June is the foremost expert on fashion and helps those around her and everyone respects that.

JUNE IS AMAZING. She is beautiful and smart and strong and stubborn and she has temper and she is treated fairly and respectfully by the narrative and the thing is, we don’t get characters like that. We never, ever get characters like that, but having someone who looks like June be considered the most beautiful is so IMPORTANT. Just the mere existence of June makes me want to cry

I know a lot of people are getting into comics and superheroes just now.

So here’s a rec.  Kitty’s Posterchildren is an indie-published superhero universe that is everything you always wished Marvel and DC would ‘nad up and be—paired with superhero storytelling as badass as anything produced by anybody who’s gone through the doors of the big shops.

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