cap and falcon hold hands to teach power man about friendship

I’m sorry, does everybody else see three black characters. In one panel. In Avengers mansion I think.
And what year was this?
Now if I have to hear another fanboy rant about diversity “for diversity sake” like the existence of black people is some sort of liberal agenda…

And it’s Falcon, no less.  Sam rules in every medium. 

Okay okay okay okay


I’m a guy who just wrote a whole post about how awesome Sam is.


of the three black characters in this panel…

DISTANT third.

Monica Rambeau and Luke Cage should have statues built of them in real life places.

I agree. Monica Rambeau needs a statue and her own comic!!

Yeah, that spot she’s holding down with occasional speaking role in Mighty Avengers is just not scratching my Monica itch.  Now say if somebody wanted to launch a new Nextwave book…

PLEASE STOP FLIRTING WiTH ME!! Do you know the things I would do for another NEXTWave book?? 

(*sigh* I miss the Captain. I wish they would feature him in other things.) 

The way some people feel about Rom Space Knight is the way I feel about Nextwave.

I love (I’d say loved, but this is a ongoing love) Nextwave. I adore how Monica is written in it, I love her look, I love her sass and her power.

I would kill maim pay money for a Monica Rambeau & America Chavez team up book with lots of punching

Also, weird Nextwave related thing. Last week one of our most viewed jewelry items was this.

Oh wait no!  I have it.  Monica, America, and Misty AND White Tiger as the straight laced by the book newbie along for the ride with these seasoned veterans who all do their own thing.  Yeah?

And Shuri, the current Black Panther/monarch. I haven’t seen her so much as stand out of her chair since Doom War in ‘09.

She’s in New Avengers sometimes. She shows up to tell T’chala what a massive disappointment he is.

Well, I mean… she’s not wrong. However, I’d much rather her be an actual character rather than a disagreeable younger sibling that they’ve pigeonholed her as in New Avengers.

I’m with you there.

You guys know that, canonically, in universe the only reason The Falcon was made an Avenger was because Henry Gyrich made them hire a minority to satisfy equal opportunity regulations, right? This is not me trying to be a jerk or anything and I don’t want to come off that way, but this is a for real thing that actually happened to the Avengers.

Every comics fan who follows me needs the opportunity to be in on this conversation.

Also I’d kill for a whole lot more Monica.  She’s an almighty badass.

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