What are the Balkan floods?
May 2014 saw catastrophic floods affect Serbia, Bosnia-Herzegovina and, to a lesser, extent, Croatia. As well as the disruption to people’s lives from the evacuations, entire towns and villages have been completely submerged, leaving thousands homeless. 


The floods are on-going and the problems continue to escalate. Most reputable news agencies are providing some coverage, and relief efforts have begun. With government relief work bare bones at best, international aid agencies have been stepping in to provide emergency shelter and WASH (water, sanitation, hygiene) kits, as well as ensuring that children’s schooling is not disrupted for large periods of time. Due to the large amounts of property damage the floods have brought amount, the recovery will be slow.

What will this community do?
This community, as well as its sister community on LJ, is providing a place where fandom can offer its collective services to fundraise for the relief efforts.

The process will be simple: fan writers, artists, crafters and other creators will put themselves and their wares up for auction. Fandom will then bid on them, and the winning bidder will make a donation of the winning bid to one of the nominated charities. They will then receive a lovely commissioned piece of work and a glow of well-being from having donated to a good cause.

What are the nominated charities?
The main nominated charity is the Red Cross. There are 4 options: 

British Red Cross

Croatian Red Cross

Red Cross Serbia

Red Cross Society of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Additional charities may be added as appeals are opened. For the moment, the above should accept international donations (if in doubt, use the British Red Cross appeal).

I want to help! What can I do?
Please volunteer your services in the auction, bid on someone listed, or organise a local fundraiser! If you are a graphics artist, this community (& the LJ one) need a banner & similar graphic goodies, and we will need people to publicise and signal boost.

Individual posts for different types of offerings (words, art, food, crafts, giveaways) have been set up so fandom can offer its services, and a timeline has been suggested. The proposed bidding deadline is 15th June with offerings due by the end of August.

If you would like to help with the organisation, or to create some community graphics, please message me directly. Thank you!

Signal boost! Please can you reblog this for your followers so we can get fandom involved in fundraising for the Balkan floods. This is a multi-fandom endeavour so reblog fast & wide!

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Balkan Floods Relief Fandom Auction

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