My mom is crying because my brother is actual human trash that needs to be locked up forever. She’s filing for bankruptcy because he’s wasted so much money. She owes $1400 on the mortgage and $411 for the electric before the end of this month, and now with this recent development, we’re out another $4500 because he is an actual piece of human garbage.

Please help, guys. I know I still owe so many people and I thank you for your patience, but I have to take on more. Admittedly, the wait is abysmal, so if you don’t see yourself commissioning me, please signal boost. This is getting ridiculous, and I don’t want to see my mother so emotionally distressed, it’s very heartbreaking and I need, need, need to help her.

My prices are here, if you’re interested. Thanks.

This artist’s going through a hard time, and is open for commissions.  They particularly do some truly spectacular animals/monsters/critters, which is not something every artist is good at.

Also, their prices are quite low for the quality.  I’m tempted to throw money at them myself.

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