Concept: Gabriel Reyes was not ‘sidelined’ or ‘tossed aside’ by being put in charge of Blackwatch, but rather was recognized and admired among the intelligence community for his tremendous skill and leadership at this intense, demanding and politically sensitive work.  What he didn’t get was public recognition or acclaim for his usually classified accomplishments, or the choice to move into a line of work that didn’t keep adding to the blood on his hands.

Concept 2: Whatever shady, underhanded, questionable or downright illegal things Gabriel did in the line of duty, Jack shares complicity in, because as head of Overwatch he knew about and signed off on them all, along with the necessary budgetary obfuscations so that nobody looked at the money trail and went, “Oh, hey, these guys are assassinating dissidents.”  The fact that he got painted as the heroic golden boy despite that drove Gabriel nuts. (And probably Jack too.)

Concept 3: The two of them never being able to avoid each other over the years, no matter how much they got to hating each other, because as members of Overwatch Command they had to be together for just about every meeting, mission brief and debrief, and strategy session, and regularly ended up in each other’s offices to deal with issues of budget, personnel, bureaucracy and everything else under the sun.

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