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I thought there was going to be more to this, but I can’t make it happen so I think I give up.


When Gabriel finds him, Jack is curled in on himself on the cot, shaking in his sleep.  

They’re not…together exactly.  They’ve touched, they’ve kissed, there’ve been hands and orgasms.  But every instinct in Gabriel’s alpha body says that he can’t leave this man, his intended mate, to suffer his way through a heat by himself, cloistered away alone in some room with nothing but a vibrator and his own hands.  That’s fucking cruel.

A deeper, darker alpha instinct whispers, What if he doesn’t stay alone?  You just gonna let someone else have him?

He meant to do this the right way.  He honestly did.  Wake him up, ask him to make this official.  He’s wanted it for a while, and he thinks Jack does too.  But Jack is naked and flushed to an alluring peachy blush, with a sheen of sweat highlighting the muscular curves of his body.  And he’s wet as hell; his thighs gleam with it and Gabriel can smell him, ripe and sweet and musky.  There’s a toy inside him, holding him open and vibrating inside him on a low setting Gabriel can just detect at the lower edge of hearing. The fine muscles of Jack’s rim and lower body flutter periodically, responsive even in sleep.

Still, still he almost manages to keep his head, but as he watches, Jack’s trembling crescendoes into an orgasm that ripples through his body.  He arches and moans in his sleep, a sound like he’s taking a dick already.

Gabriel inhales raggedly and his vision goes white.


Jack feels so good.

When he was awake last, he didn’t.  He felt tight, swollen and needy, like his skin was a few sizes too small.  Every inch of him was begging to be touched and rejecting everything that touched him–sheets too rough, metal too cold, mattress too hot.  The fucking toy was as much a torment as a pleasure, taking the edge off but nothing more, like a constant damned tease.

But now…he moans, low and luxurious, at the sensation of being full and stretched.  Hard demanding heat inside him, throbbing against his inner walls.  He wriggles, loving the way moving on it forces him to yield, the way it presses against him inside and reshapes him.  He’s surrounded, heavy cozy warmth on every side of him, all but cocooning him, holding him still when he squirms too much.  Blunt points sink in at his hips and neck, a delicious spark of force that doesn’t quite translate to pain.

He moves with it all, into it.  Begs for it, moans and whimpers in half-sleep with a shameless abandon he can’t bring himself to when he’s awake.

And with that thought, he’s awake.  But he still feels <i>fucking fantastic.</i>  And there’s a man on him.

There’s a man in him.  Fucking him.  Thrusting over and over again, and it feels so good that Jack is pushing back into it without even thinking.  Oh god.  Oh god, he’s so turned on.  Oh god he needs it.  "Please.  Yes, more.  Oh god, please don’t stop.“

Gabriel growls just above him.  Jack would know that growl anywhere; he’s heard it so many times, in so many places, even knows what it feels like vibrating through his own chest.  But never like this, and he sobs because Gabriel sounds so pleased and possessive that the omega part of him just uncoils.  Gabriel is going to knot him.  Jack’s body will accept it.  Hell, Jack can’t stop it.  He clutches tight to the one thread of his sanity that’s even self-aware enough to recognize what’s happening.  The very thought of being knotted right this minute is so much exactly what he needs that he doesn’t have the willpower to do anything but push himself back on that massive, glorious alpha cock that’s already catching at his rim with the swell of the pre-knot and keen for it.

Gabriel thrusts in, powerful and mind-blowingly deep.  Jack’s entire body gives one last shudder and comes unraveled, and he can feel himself being spread. Stretched.  Opened, plugged, taken utterly.  He can’t move.  He can’t fight it.  If he struggles, he can feel the sparkling warning pain of delicate interior muscles at the threshold of endurance.

It’s perfect.

Jack sighs and goes limp beneath Gabriel’s weight, whimpering at the aftershocks as Gabriel’s cock continues to pulse inside him, ejaculating deep into his body.  Gabriel keeps rutting against him in tiny movements, unable to pull out but enjoying the sensation of possessing Jack’s body.  Jack drowns in the pleasure of being possessed: held down, locked to a strong alpha, unable to escape any sensation his mate wants to inflict on him.

Gabriel purrs against the back of his neck.  A twist of pleasure curls up Jack’s spine. Good alpha, the omega part of his mind offers. Strong, dominant, fierce, healthy, skilled. Very pretty.  Fantastic knot.

Jack groans into his folded arms as the rest of his brain comes back online.  They’re both in so much trouble.  “Gabe?  Why are you even here?”


Jack still feels so good under him, and on him, with that liquid heat clutching him tight.  "I’ve wanted you for so long, cariño,” he mutters against Jack’s shoulder.  Do you know how good you feel?”

He nuzzles at Jack’s shoulder blade, admires the velvet skin over a thick padding of strong muscle.   He is, without question, the most gorgeous, magnificent omega Gabriel’s ever seen.  How nobody pinned him down and bonded him years ago is an eternal mystery.

Well, no.  Jack would’ve kicked ass on anybody who tried it.

“Don’t you cariño me,” Jack growls beneath him.  “What is this, the 20th century?  You don’t ask, you don’t even bring fucking flowers, you just come in here and take me?”

It’s a point, but Gabriel’s hackles go up despite himself at the command in Jack’s voice.  He growls back and fucks into him a little harder, holding him down by the back of the neck, till Jack is writhing and making desperate little cries.  The knowledge that he’s effectively in control of Jack’s body right now shoots straight to his groin.  Jack’s body tenses up on Gabriel’s knot in preparation for another orgasm, and it sends Gabriel over too, shooting another load into him.  God, he loves that feeling.  They shake together in the aftermath.

“You want a coherent conversation out of me,” Gabriel gasps after a moment, “you’d better watch your tone.  I admit, this isn’t what I was going for.”

Jack groans as Gabriel’s cock jumps inside him.  “So what…ah…were you going for, then?”

“I was gonna fucking ask.”  He kisses his way along Jack’s trapezius, feeling dopey and affectionate in the wake of his orgasm.  “We’ve been dancing around it for so long, querido.  I’ve been thinking about it for a while.  And then I come back, and I find out I’m missing your heat… When was your last one?”  He works an arm under Jack to wrap it around his waist.  “Come on, you want to sit up?”

Jack nods against the pillow, so Gabriel pulls him up with him to straddle his lap, front to back.  Jack tips his head back to rest against Gabriel’s shoulder.  The sensation of Jack squirming in his lap to get comfortable on his dick is some kind of X-rated poetry.  Gabriel closes his eyes to savor it, nose pressed to Jack’s neck to breathe in his incredible scent.

“Five years,” Jack says to the ceiling after a moment.

“Jesus, no wonder I always wondered how you found time to do it.  That’s stupid, Jack.  If I’d known that, I wouldn’t have just come sauntering in here.”

“Yeah, well, I guess we both fucked up.”

Gabriel runs a hand down Jack’s chest and belly, till his fingertips nudge into the hair between his legs.  

“That’s one way of looking at it.  God, look at you.”  Jack doesn’t even seem to notice that he’s grinding on Gabriel’s knot, eyes closed and mouth open.  Gabriel puts his lips against Jack’s ear and says in a low voice, “Guess it’s a bit late to ask, but may I fuck you?  I want to knot you,” he whispers when Jack’s eyes slit open.  “Get on top of you and mount you over and over till all you can do is whimper for me.  I wanna fill you so full of my cum that you’re dripping with it.  Breed you and watch you swell up with my babies.”

Jack arches and gasps.  “Do it.”

It feels like somebody punched all the air out of Gabriel’s lungs.  “What?”

“Do it,” Jack says breathlessly, panting and wide-eyed like Gabriel just found his sweet spot.  “Breed me.  Try your fucking best.”


Jack’s on his front before he even knows what happened, chest on the bed and ass in the air.  Gabriel’s teeth are buried in the meat of his shoulder, his knot rubbing against Jack’s prostate with every shallow thrust.  Jack can’t stop crying out every time Gabe moves in him.

He can’t get pregnant.  He’s on military-issue birth control but honestly chances are that he’s been infertile ever since the SEP.  He never told Gabe about that, how he had to choose between having a family and this, but fucking hell the very idea.  The idea that someone might want that with him.  The idea that they’d try.  The realization that Gabe has fantasized about it.

It’s such a pure fucking relief to be on an alpha’s knot after all this time.  Five years.  Gabe is right; it was purely reckless of him.  He always knew it’d catch up to him sooner or later, and now look at them both.

But Jesus God, every cell of his body is on fire with how much he wants Gabe right now, to fuck and to keep.

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