Kinktober Fic Challenge Day 9: Voyeurism

Overwatch, Reaper76, Jack Morrison/OC.  Installment #4 in the SEP slow burn series.

Gabriel’s heading back from the weights room when he hears the moaning.  Honestly.  He can’t leave Jack alone for five minutes.

It’s coming from the warmup room just ahead.  When he looks in the door, he sees Cabezial has Jack pinned up against the wall with his legs wrapped around his waist.  His fingertips are digging into the grout of the tiles behind him—the treatments are doing their work, because there are literally little peels of it sticking to the creases of his nails—while Cabezial pulls him down into every thrust.

Yeah. Gabriel’s a bit pissed at Cabezial.  

He pushes the door open a bit more to slip inside and lean against the wall.  He’s not a creep; let them see he’s there.  Everyone on base should know the drill for this shit by now.  He’s made it pretty goddamn clear that somebody had better be watching Jack’s ass when he’s out of his mind on his own chemically-induced libido.  He’s not in any state to monitor his own limits when he’s like this.  Maybe Gabriel needs to pound that a bit deeper into Cabezial’s head.

Jack’s stupid long eyelashes flicker and his flush deepens as he registers Gabriel’s presence, but Cabezial’s too preoccupied with his own cock to notice.  No surprise there; he’s a self-absorbed son of a bitch in their wargames, too.

Cabezial is going to town on Jack.  It doesn’t look all that great, to be honest.  He’s got all the ass-pounding technique of a prostate exam.  But Jack arches his back and tosses his head against the wall with a louder moan than before as Cab hitches him a little higher up the wall.  It puts a grin on Cab’s face, and no wonder; Jack does a convincing imitation of a porn star with that move.  He grabs Jack by the hair and pulls his head to the side. “There we go, that’s the kind of response I’m looking for.”  Jack wrinkles his nose but lets him suck a hickey into that pale neck.

Jack flicks a searing blue glance in Gabriel’s direction, then wraps his arms around Cabezial’s neck and tightens his legs around his ribs.  “Come on, harder, Cab.  Make me scream.”

Gabriel glares and reaches down to adjust himself.  His roommate is an exhibitionist fucker who is trying to give him a stroke.

Jack gets what he asks for, though.  Cab mounts him like a fucking bull, bending him in half and driving him back against the tile till Gabriel wonders whether it or Jack’s spine will crack first.  And Jack keeps fucking teasing him, with little bit-off cries and whimpered ‘pleases’ and  promises of “Yeah, almost, almost.”  Gabriel’s seen Jack have sex enough times by now to know he’s doing it on purpose, but Jesus, it works.  Gabriel wants to devour him.  He wants to rip Cabeziel right off him and fuck him till they both see stars.

Jack would let him, too.  He’s hardly made it a secret that he wants a piece of Gabriel’s ass.  But Gabriel isn’t going to do that because somebody around here has to be a responsible adult.  And anyway, if Jack’s far enough gone to be down for sex this bad then it’d be a goddamn waste.  Gabriel wants sex with him to mean more to Jack than fucking symptom relief.

“You are such a whore for it, aren’t you?”  Cabezial grabs hold of Jack’s wrists and pulls him down harder onto him.  Jack cries out in a mix of pleasure and discomfort.  “What wouldn’t you let me get away with?”

Jack’s face goes redder than it already was.  He doesn’t like having his current condition pointed out.  He does what he has to in order to get by, but on those days when he comes back from his treatments wrecked and barely able to walk and Gabriel ends up holding him close till he stops shaking like an assault victim, sometimes Jack confesses how humiliating it is to lose control the way the treatments make him do.

He handles it pretty fucking well, all things considered.  But while they’re all having fun with orgies, nobody seems to think much about the toll an ‘enhanced libido’ takes on Jack and his fellow sufferers.
Gabriel’s got to admit he’s glad it isn’t him.  

“Cab, please.”  Right now he’s close, from the note of genuine desperation in his voice.  He writhes downwards, trying to generate the leverage to move himself on Cabezial’s dick.  It’s not a good position for it.  “Just let me come.”

“Shit, baby, you really take a dicking, don’t you?”  Cab doesn’t even change his angle, the useless shit, panting as he thrusts like he’s about to win a race.  Jack whines and twists on him, reaching for it, but whatever Cab’s doing with his dick, it’s not getting him there.

Gabriel knocks the back of his head against the wall in frustration.  How is it fair that he’s an expert on how to fuck Jack Morrison without ever having touched the man?  “Just give him a fucking hand, will you?”

Cabezial jerks with surprise and makes the most undignified groaning squawk Gabriel’s ever heard.

“Goddammit, no!” Jack roars.  “Motherfucking…shit cocksucking…”  He kicks Cabezial with his heel when the other man slumps against him.  “Put me down.  Put me down, Cab!”

Cabezial doesn’t even offer to help him out, just drops Jack’s legs and shuffles around to retrieve his stuff.  Gabriel stares straight at him the entire time.  Cab won’t look up from the floor in front of his feet when he slinks past Gabriel to the door.

“You and me, Cab,” Gabriel leans out the door to say to his retreating back.  “We’re gonna have a talk later.”

Cabezial picks up some speed.  Asshole.

When he turns back, Jack is jamming his legs angrily into his pants, still muttering profanities under his breath.  Gabriel draws in a deep breath.  He could make a choice, here.  “You gonna take care of that yourself?”

Jack stops moving to meet his eyes miserably.  “Not much point, now.  Gabe, I…”  He glances away, expression twisting for a second before he regains control.  “Never mind.”

Gabriel purses his lips, pretty sure that was about to be something more than just a request for a handjob.  He’d really like to ask what the fuck this whole stunt was about, but Jack is more upset than he’s letting on.  That’ll have to come later.

“Come here.” He reaches up to tidy the mess of Jack’s blond hair.  “At least you don’t have to look like you just had an unsatisfying fuck in a room that smelled like gym socks.”  

Jack huffs a reluctant laugh and ducks his head for Gabriel.  Gabriel feels almost as blue-balled as Jack probably does, but when Jack relaxes under his hands like this, he knows he’s made the right choice.  Someone needs to look after this idiot.

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