This goes out to vandy, croik and horse who gave me the prompts.

Rating: Explicit

Tags & warnings: fluff, smut, threesome, clothed sex


Peter loves kissing Arthur and John. Just absolutely loves it.

It’s their mouth, when they’re so close that all he can see is John’s eyes and all he can feel is Arthur’s mouth. Their mouth, their eyes, their body, them all over him, their hands on his shoulders shoving him down into the cushions so they can stretch out on top of him and sink into his body.

He wraps one hand around the back of their head, winding his hands into their hair, and the other goes around their waist, keeping them from toppling off while they squirm around on top of him, getting themselves situated.


He kisses and kisses. Their lips are soft and full; it’s always driven him insane, how kissable Arthur’s lips are even when he’s in the depths of being a prick. Their tongue is exploring and eager, sliding along Peter’s and delving into his mouth as they kiss him deep as they can manage. He keeps opening his eyes to peek at John, who never stops watching, drinking him in as hungrily as Arthur does.

Parker wants to be drunk. He wants them to devour him, to slither into his mind and his body till he’s full of them both. He’d hold them so tight inside them; they’d never be able to get away from him again.

Arthur laughs when he feels Parker’s hard-on against him. He rocks against it, then laughs again into Parker’s mouth when Parker’s breath hisses into his. Parker pushes down on the span of their back just above the swell of their ass, so that he can’t play any tricks and move away.

Arthur lifts his head instead, and shifts to tuck his nose under Parker’s jaw.

“He’s pushing me down on him,” he mutters, and then kisses Parker’s slightly stubbly throat while Parker returns the favor, grinding his hard-on up against Arthur’s through their clothes. “Bloody fantastic, John, how do you think it feels? Shhh, I want to show you this.” John’s arm winds around Parker’s neck and Arthur rocks his hips again, with an odd air of focus, squirming till Parker has to cut himself off from making a ridiculous noise. He feels it when Arthur smiles against his neck. “You heard him? That little—” Arthur does it again, and then laughs, soft and devastating. “Yeah, that little click in his throat.”

“You can hear that?” Parker asks, startled, and then realizes: Arthur’d been tucking his ear near Parker’s throat. So John could hear it.

“Oh yes, Parker,” Arthur murmurs, kissing under his ear. “We can hear it. John’s quite enamored of it. Do it again.”

He doesn’t have much choice, the way Arthur rolls himself against him. Keeps going till he gets way more than a click, till Parker’s given up on not sounding like a fool and is moaning for them and grabbing at their hips with both hands. “Don’t stop!”

Arthur—thank fucking god—obliges. But while he’s at it, they shove themselves up into one of those weird contortions they do, twisting their body around while still moving against him because nobody else is partly made up of a monster looking out of their eyes, wanting to see what the rest of their body is doing. Arthur helps John brace themselves up on Parker’s shoulders so he can see their bodies rocking together, see Parker’s grip on their hips, holding them down against him while he grinds up against them.

Parker catches their chin in his hand to turn their head back to him, so he can look deep into John’s deep, gorgeous, startled eyes. “You two are so fucking beautiful,” he whispers, and pulls them down to kiss them again, running one hand hard all the way down their back to press them down against him as fully as possible.

John lets them be pulled down. Instead he reaches down to wrap his hand over the back of Parker’s, where he’s holding them both.

“You’re going to come in your pants, Parker,” Arthur teases. “Like a schoolboy.” His smile grows, in that way that makes Parker’s heart twist like Arthur’s squeezing it. Happy. “John says he wants to watch.”

Parker groans. “Anything for you two lunatics.”

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