So how about that new Discord mobile update, everybody? You just loving it?

While there are elements of it I like, there are some that have COMPLETELY FUCKED UP EVERYTHING in some servers I’m in. And overall I am REALLY fucking sick of this whole attitude developers have where “WE GOTTA INNOVATE” and “NEVER MIND WHAT PEOPLE ASK FOR, GIVE THEM WHAT THEY DON’T KNOW THEY WANT.”

Because in practice? In practice that translates to “We shouldn’t trust the input of our users.”

You can absolutely see the influence of all those people Discord hired away from Facebook, and how they’re blowing off the actual needs and requests of the user base, and not doing any fucking user testing, and ignoring the feedback they get from alpha and beta testers.

How much they’re missing about how people are using the platform features we already have, and how fucking completely their new little toys and bells and whistles are wrecking house on the communities we’ve developed.

Yeah, I’m real sick and tired of this approach to social platform development.

2 thoughts on “So like. Discord. Am I right?”
  1. I admit I don’t use discord on mobile enough to have noticed or been too upset about changes but– I am assuming that at SOME point discord will enshittify sufficiently for a mass exodus and when it happens MY BODY IS READY (and also my element account where I have already squatted on the space name “baltimore state matrix for the criminally online” and am just waiting for people to be motivated enough to come join it because I think I’m hilarious)

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