Ok ,here it comes

Fandom Books Edition No. 9

The Moran Book

It was an experiment. I wanted to fake a bullet hole on the cover. As I didn’t know how to do it realistically a friend suggested to let someone shoot into the books. We did found someone who shoot at my books, so I happily prepared five prototypes.

The Moran book is done as a fake notebook belonging to Sebastian Moran, so it should have his name imprinted on the spine or the cover. The rest of the book would be plain and minimalistic. We had absolutely no idea how the bulletholes would turn out. I don’t have any experience with weapons, sorry. 

The owner of the gun warned us, that the books might start to burn or would be ripped in pieces or whatever. Well, he had five tries.

So here are the books , the holes are surprisingly (to me ) tiny, but I think still much more convincing than dramatically faked ones.

There went real bullets through, I am still very excited about that 😀

A little side effect is: we can’t repeat the experiment. The firing at the books a hole in a wall, too. So, no more shooting at books 🙂

I don’t know what to do with them now…

Thinking about a Giveaway, but I’m not sure if someone would want Morans shot notebook…

I used to work in the Preservation department at an academic library, and we kept a display of damaged books that we showed off for tours and open houses.

We had all sorts of things: books that’d been chewed on, spilled on, burned, blanched, ripped, cut, infested with bookworms…  (We couldn’t keep the one that’d been returned to us with a banana peel used as a bookmark.)

One of the books in that display—A Critical Analysis of Mark Twain, if I remember correctly—had been taken out back and shot with a .22.  Most of the holes were surprisingly small, like these, though the one where they’d turned it on its side and shot it through the spine was pretty noteworthy; that one had some pretty good cavitation on the exit wound.

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