(Was The BBC Has Ruined My Life: Time management.)

I have a bit of a time because I don’t type well anymore due to health reasons, so I dictate to Dragon Naturally Speaking, which can be fast or can require a ton of correcting and babysitting depending. Also, it’s super awkward to do in public.

But I’m trying to get back to writing regularly.

Want to give this a reblog, because ladylanablade is totally right to remind us that not everybody does this gig the same way.

It’s worth talking about, too, not only to remind us that different people have different needs, but also that some of us just work better in different ways.  If you want to be a writer, but you just can’t get the ideas to flow from your hands, try other techniques!  You don’t have to have Parkinson’s in order to be more productive writing by dictation than by typing.  It’s a different method of working.

I’ve heard other people recommend Dragon Naturally Speaking.  I know Terry Pratchett uses Dragon Dictate with a plug-in called Talking Point, which creates a smoother speaking interface (I believe it’s a vocabulary management plug-in or something of that sort).

Do any of you have alternative methods you’ve tried?  Apps you’d recommend for people with special needs or folks who just prefer alternative approaches to writing?  Any tricks for overcoming issues such as dictating in public?  (One person I know bought a really cheap bluetooth earpiece so that people would assume he was on the phone.)

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