I just realized I have never recced anything of deuxexmycroft’s on here.  This is a heinous oversight on my part, and I apologize.  She’s one of my absolute favorite “drop everything and go read NOW” Sherlock authors, because she has the killer combination of rock-solid writing, a mastery of the characters and their inner worlds, creativity and subtlety in the crafting of AUs, magnificent psychological insight with a love of exploring the dark corners, and a deep and far-reaching adoration for kicking the crap out of John and admiring him while doing so.  Her adoration of Sherlock in all his glittering, sharp-edged bastardish glory is no small force, either.

So here is one of her shorter pieces: “Reigen seliger Geister,” around 1700 words, in which Sherlock is unquestionably sociopathic, in a very realistic way that has nothing to do with serial killers and everything to do with selfishness and entertaining himself at the expense of others.  And, just possibly, he does love John, in his own way and to the best of his ability.  Or maybe he’s simply magnificent at getting what he wants.  Either way, in a tiny space she sketches out a relationship that is unhealthy and yet a perfect fit for them, and this is the kind of character study I can sink my teeth into and chew on for hours.

BBC Sherlock rec: Reigen seliger Geister

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