“sherlock 1800s au” 

[narrows eyes]

There’s a fantastic fic writer who’s quite prolific in this area. Sixty stories already! I don’t know if they’re doing any more. Their username is ‘Arthur_Conan_Doyle’ but you have to google their stuff. They don’t put it on or AO3 or anything like that. Real awesome period piece type stuff too. They get all the little details right. It’s amazing. 

he hasn’t updated in like 86 years i think these fics got abandoned =(

That guy? Oh, he totally flounced. It was epic.

Oh, I remember that. He did some really cheesy thing with Reichenbach being an actual waterfall, and got really pissed when all the comments wanted him to write a sequel.

It’s a shame he mostly writes weird original fantasy about fairies or some shit these days.

Ungh, he was such a drama queen. I mean he replied every kudoes and comments with STOP FUCKING COMMENTING ON THIS FIC COMMENT ON MY NEW FIC. And when people wanted to draw fanart and write remixes he wasn’t even thankful. I remember one post of his yelling DO WHATEVER YOU WANT I DUN CURR.

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