Can I take a second’s pause here to point out how good a listener I think Greg is? Look at how intent he is. He’s waiting for Sherlock to finish his call, yeah, and he could look like that’s all he’s doing, but he’s really interested in hearing what Mrs. Hudson has to say. I love Greg.

Of course he’s interested – his entire wardrobe is black, white and grey. This convesation encourages him to be a bit braver and try a tartan scarf 😉

Also, fun fact, Lestrade has no idea what a color even fucking is. So there’s that.

Ahhh – so that’s why Sherlock has to scream “PINK!” at him…

#Lestrade #The most erotic 50 shades of grey are on his head

And then he got involved with Mycroft who, after the first date, made sure his tailor had a full colour profile for Lestrade when they reached the point where Greg would no longer protest when new suits magically appeared in his wardrobe. “’Because black and white always go together‘ is not an excuse, Gregory. Now put on the tight grey trousers, I’ve something for you to pick up from the floor.”

Everyone please welcome my new Lestrade headcanon.

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