Teen Wolf AU: Everyone hates Mr McCall (especially the Stilinskis).

“Are you threatening me?”

“I just wanna make sure you know you won’t get away with anything this time. But I don’t think I need to threaten you. Unlike you, I know Melissa can take care of herself, and both her and Scott and are fully capable of kicking your ass without my help.”

“You think Scott would do that? He’s my son.You can’t get me to stay away from him.

“Oh you may be his father, alright. But he’s had two father figures in his life, and you ain’t one of them.”

“You think they’d consider a boderline alcoholic small town sheriff a member of their family?”

“As opposed to a cheating, mostly absent asshole with anger management issues? Yeah, I think they do.”

Still not watching this show, but I KNEW I loved this man.

Also, that very special bond between the families of two kids who grew up as best friends. <3  You take him to church, babe.

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