bluesrat replied to your post “I just had to look up wtf “bara” means. There’s a world in which…”

Bran, that stuff was going around when I was 15. You’re not old, dude, you’re just distracted.

Well, now I’m especially sorry I added that tag at the last minute, as a bit of a joke, because that wasn’t the purpose of my post at all.

I am so insulted by the connotations of “distracted” I can barely begin to explain it, but suffice it to say:

The point to my post was to express distress that there’s this whole culture I don’t know about and that others do, and so I have to keep educating myself. This is, factually, not something I’ve been exposed to before, and sometimes I feel alienated. To tell me, “well, if you didn’t know it already you’ve been spending your time unwisely and hanging out with the wrong people” seems incredibly rude.

I’ll apologize here too, because it’s not right to tread on somebody and then leave people thinking it’s okay to do that.

I’m sorry, Bran.  I misread your post and thought it was more lighthearted than it was.  I didn’t mean to be flippant about something that was really bothering you.

And I’m especially sorry for picking a word that, if I’d stopped to think about it for a second, I would’ve known could be read as insulting.  Dude, NEVER will I deliberately cast aspersions on your friends or what you’ve done with your time.  You’re a badass, your friends are badass, and you’ve historically had more pressing things to do than jump into the anime invasion.  And if I ever seem to indicate otherwise, you’re totally in your rights to tell me to hold up and take it back.

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