bullshit. rating based on amount of views and critics reviews. lets face it our silence will not change anything

bullshit. you’re delusional if you do not think the fans’ reactions on social media has any impact. yes, it is also the ratings and critiques but it’s childish to attempt to “make them wait cause they made us wait”. even though i don’t think this would become big enough a thing with one popular tumblr post, it still is a very stupid idea and shows none of the appreciation the participants might have for the show.

and let’s face it, who can honestly say they can stay silent for 3 days about sherlock season three, unless they are horridly disappointed in it.

As a matter of fact, most studios now factor in social media metrics as part of their ratings systems, so not talking about Sherlock for three days will absolutely have an impact on the numbers they end up looking at.

Which, if your intention is to boycott, is perfectly fine.  Vote with your money/attention.  But it’s the bean-counters you’ll be talking to, not the creators.

If you really want to reach Moftiss, you’re better off sending them politely worded messages to the effect of, “I know that you’re just trying to engage with fans, but I find your approach to be hurtful rather than entertaining, and I’m requesting that you consider changing it.”

Look, they’re not monsters.  They’re human, and they have flaws and blind spots, but they’re not TRYING to hurt, upset and alienate their fans.

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