unretouched esquire outtakes from 2010. absolutely beautiful. 

oh my god I just love you so much

Wow, I love this. Maybe if I saw things like this more often I’d actually LIKE my body.


This is amazing, seriously. Not only am I huge JLaw fan, but this is simply a gorgeous representation of how a lot of women actually look – and it’s beautiful. The top photo actually makes me feel a lot of things. When I competed in pageant earlier this year, even though I really was happy with my body and was totally “fit looking”, there was one photo they took of me on stage that I hated. I hated it because I was slightly bending over to the side, creating rolls on my side like you see on JLaw in the top photo. I thought it meant that I still had too much fat on my body; that I hadn’t worked hard enough. Seeing this, I want to cry. A woman who is beautiful, and in my eyes perfect, has the same rolls I had. It honestly makes me sick that they would never publish photos like these in a magazine or ad, even though doing so could seriously help women with body image issues all over the world. I wish so hard that these were the kinds of things I saw when I opened a magazine. I sincerely think the world would be a much better place. 

And we’re supposed to believe that THIS is fat?

I freaking hate fashion magazines.  I just.  Incandescent.  Rage.  We should be seeing this ALL THE TIME.  I’m sick of this.  SHOW US REAL WOMEN.

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