“a gang who all just happen to be super hot” fkjdkjldskddjkhfjksdkds

“But Sherlock, what connects all the gang members?”

“Well, you see, John, they’re all very good-looking.”

but okay this is my idea

Sherlock blindfolds John and says they’re going to do something special. He takes John to a secret location and chains him up and they start kissing and Sherlock is touching him, one hand on his chest and one hand on his shoulder and another on his thigh and —

wait. Oh fuck. 

And that’s when John feels lots of hands on him. Sherlock takes the blindfold off and smiles and says, “Surprise.”

(Lestrade is one of them, of course, and he’s all, “You said you would keep the blindfold on!” to Sherlock and Sherlock shrugs and goes, “Did I? Oh.” This of course isn’t that much of a detriment to Papa Greg, who’s into it.)

It’s okay though, Sherlock’s lit a candle to make it romantic. <3 He’ll kiss John’s forehead and wipe away his tears and take care of him between guys and then finally fuck him at the end to make him feel all better. 

And YES PLOT TWIST IT’ S JOHN’S BIRTHDAY AND IT’S HIS PRESENT aren’t you lucky John your boyfriend loves you so much <3 

Lit a candle to make it romantic.

I love you people.

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