@youcantsaymylastname said: 

I had a fic drop today too. I was so mad that Sherlock wasn’t himself after being so on point. Argggggg. Love the title… fic drop.

Awww, man, sorry to hear it.  I don’t think I invented ‘fic drop,’ though.  I think I remember seeing somebody else around here use it a while back, and it seemed so perfect…  It should be a thing.

@random-nexus said: 

OMG That’s maddening, I’ve read similar fics – in more than one fandom. Just induces the impotent claw-hands of reading rage!

Yeah!  The frustrating thing about this one was, like youcantsaymylastname says, everything was so on point up till the last chapter.  Sherlock wasn’t HATEFUL.  He was himself, and he CARED; he was just…supremely terrible at relationships.  Like, “Why did we ever think this might work?” bad, and John at one point gave serious thought to just dumping the whole idea and going back to friends.  And IF THAT’D HAPPENED IT WOULD’VE BEEN AMAZING.  Nobody ever writes that story, and this was set up and reasoned so perfectly for it.


In other news, can we tweet at people on Tumblr now?  What’s that @ sign in front of your names?

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