At last, I have drawn the John!butt of my heart!

Reference photo here:

You may be wondering: why this apparent obsession of PA’s over John’s ass?  Well, you see, we ALL know Sherlock has a spectacularly fine ass.  He flashed it at us on camera.  Sherlock’s ass gets loads of (justly deserved) attention.  But what about John’s ass?  He hides it under all those jumpers and relaxed-fit jeans.  My dream is for the world to recognize that his is a butt to match the Great Detective’s in my head.

Oh, come on.  PA drew John’s butt, and you thought I was going to put that in the queue?  Not possible.  Maybe for someone else’s John butt, or for some other character’s butt.

(Did you do this in Mischief, PA?)

Yep, this is MIschief.  My 15 day trial copy is up today, so I will need to shell out the moneys, because I LOVE this program.

John’s butt is grateful to you for your dedication, Otter. <3  I think I’m going to try coloring this.  (That will happen in Photoshop.  Mischief is a fantastic program for drawing, but I don’t think it and I will really see eye to eye so much on my coloring style.)

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