PREORDERS for TOPLOCK open! They will be open for 2 weeks. I will use the number of preorders so I know how many to order from the printer. This is a PREORDER, not an order!

I also have an option with no shipping costs if you are going to 221B Con ♥

Okay! How to order:

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One week left to preorder! ^_^

I’m so excited to print >___< ♥

Hey everyone! Hey! Hey! Preorders of this sexy art book close tomorrow! Click to buy ♥

PREORDER a 5.25 x 8.125 fanbook, with 34 interior pages, in full colour! Extra discreet cover for easy hiding~♥

This 18+ book contains all my favourite fanarts that I’ve drawn in the past year, for you to keep!


If you are going to 221B Con in April 2014, you can pick the book up at the con. Please choose ‘United States’ for country and later on you’ll be able to select ‘pick up’ as your shipping option.

Oh man!  Last day, guys!  If any of you were holding out trying to make up your minds or something, here’s the curtain call!

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