Mass Effect lead writer Mac Walters explained at a panel that the team did not anticipate the ending controversy because they believed each player would have been satisfied with their ending and not have…

Um.  Okay, I don’t play ME, but did he just say the best endings are the ones that suck?  I.  *tilts head*  So wait.  His reasoning is literally:

1: We didn’t expect anybody to care.

2: We didn’t expect people to talk to each other.

3: Also we were hoping they wouldn’t notice because they were too busy BSing about other crap.

4: We didn’t actually put any work into the ending.

5: Fuck endings anyway, really.

6: The best endings are the ones that make you ask, “WTF WAS THE WRITER THINKING, AND WHY DID I EXPECT ANY BETTER OF HIM?”

Oh, yes, and the capstone: “The only way we can be free as video game writers is if we write movies instead.”

I did read that, right?  That is actually what he was saying?  Like, he just came out and ADMITTED to all that?

…Points for honesty, I guess?

ETA: Ohhhhhhhh, wait, it’s from a parody site.  I’m almost disappointed.  That was magnificently terrible.

Mass Effect 3 Postmortem: We Didn’t Expect People to Look for Different Endings

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