Imagine being an insurance provider in the marvel universe imagine how much that job sucks imagine investigating the claims that Norse gods wrecked your cars imagine having to make adjustments to cover that shit because it’s getting commonplace imagine having to drink yourself to…

…but isn’t that a literal act of god?

Now act of angry green rage monster or pissed off assassin, sure. But Ororo and Thor are insurance agents’ dreams. Once their involved, we’re home free.

Acts of God aren’t covered under most insurance policies. Acts of gods (note the capitalization) would be covered as they are a humanoid entity. That being said, I wouldn’t be surprised if some claims were denied unde the acts of terrorism clause, and if that clause was extended to deny coverage for acts of superheroes.

If Tony was the one to cause the damage, then the insurance company would likely subrogate against Stark Industries, who ha a whooooole department to deal with that crap. A similar procedure would be in place for Clint, Natasha, Steve, and Bruce via SHIELD’s in-house insurance law department.

Holy crap I really want to debate all of this. I need a vacation. Another sign I’ve been an auto claims adjuster too long.

I think if one was to ever subrogate Tony Stark for the damages he cause it would end up going to Arbitration and lose. If they are sending a bill to Stark Industries then the case defiantly would lose. SI doesn’t owe for damages that their former CEO caused in his free time while working for a government entity indirectly. And S.H.I.E.L.D. Doesn’t owe for it because they are a government entity and are protecting America.

I would almost chalk it up to a Comp loss as likely it’s a missile (which just means any object in motion that hits a car like a tire coming off of the car ahead of you and hitting you car, or something falling out of the sky like a piece of a plane and landing on your parked car) as most likely any thing including Iron Man himself that hit your car would be moving.

It’s a whole big catch 22 of insurance loop of hell.

You can’t tell me that Tony himself doesn’t have a legal department. Even if he’s not technically the CEO of Stark, he is (afaik, in MCU) still the President of SI. If anything, he’s either got an LLC or a corporation set up just for his contracting, and I suspect that he could be held liable under certain circumstances (fer’ex, if he was drunk).

It would be a comp loss if it was an act of nature, but Tony’s suit is not natural. If anything, it’s a specialized form of vehicle, and therefore any incident (if covered at all) would fall under collision.

I only say comp if Iron Man or Caps shield were to come by and whack a car. It’s hard for me to characterize Starks suit as a automobile type without wheels (unless it’s the roller skating one). However if someone was to hit Iron Man while driving then hoo boy would Tony have a nice Bodily Injury claim on that collision claim.

I really really would love tomorrow to ask my boss about a claim and describe this but not give him a claim number to look at just to see what he would say.

Iiiii might just need to forward this thread to my boss and see what he has to say on it. Oh god, or call Claims and ask them for a judgement on it. Am II that mean? I might be that mean.

Stark’s suit counts as a vehicular object, though I *suppose* it could be classified as a plane of some variety?

I think my coworkers might think I have problems with how excited I was today reviewing our 9610 policy language for auto claims.

A loss not caused by collision includes:
2. Explosion or earthquake;
3. Fire;
5. Missiles or falling object;
6. Riot or civil commotion.

I still say most of the damages that the Avengers could have caused would fall into one of those categories for a Comprehensive claim.

However I still go back to general exclusions that include

Any obligations for which the United States government is liable for under the Federal Tort Claims act.

guys what the fuck 

This is a great post

Didn’t any of you know?  This is addressed in-universe in the comics.  As part of founding the Avengers, Tony set up the Maria Stark Foundation. It’s a non-profit NGO that acts as the corporate entity that owns Avengers team property.  It is also the first entity billed for damages caused by acts of superheroes (at least superheroes who have sorted themselves with the law, and I think it tends to cover the Hulk too, since they all feel a little responsible for him).

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