Art for a personal project I’m writing, set in the future where humanity has scattered itself thinly across the galaxy, until for most, Earth has become distant memory. Silvora is a forgotten system where crime is rampant, run by the Silvor Mob that deals in Slick, an addictive upper that wipes away all worries.

The supply is running low, and so is the mob’s grip on the system.

The man on the right is Alesi, the notorious Boss of the Silvor Mob, whose sanity is slowly cracking as his organisation crumbles. The man on his lap is Keskar, Alesi’s aloof ‘husband’, whom Alesi brought back from one of the Slick mining moons years back, under mysterious circumstances.

I know their personalities, but I’m still working on their appearance ^_^

I love their costume designs, and this setting sounds killer. GOD it’s been so long since I found some really good new sci-fi.

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