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For anyone who thinks that trans interpretations of ambiguous or even “canon cisgender” characters have too much support and discussion, here we have evidence showing how little support there is for outright stated canon trans characters. As in confirmed both explicitly in the story and explicitly by the author. Basically as much proof as you could possibly get, and still only 32% support.

So yes tell me how the trans headcanon brigade has gone to far

Are you sure this is all transphobia, though?  I suspect a lot of it is sheer ignorance.  Operating in the relative insulation of a group of people who have at least some rough idea of gender, sexuality, and how to respect people on those fronts, it’s easy to miss that THIS is how flat-out clueless the vast majority of society really is.  I think a lot of them are not saying, “Fuck trans* people,” but, “I have no freaking idea how you’re supposed to respond appropriately to a situation like this.”  I mean, straight-up, most people you polled on the street would not be aware that trans* people are just people dealing with their own thing, and not some kind of circus act.  They have simply had nowhere to learn that and no one to tell them differently.

Which, you know, just reinforces the closing point: “So yes tell me how the trans headcanon brigade has gone to far”

I doubt there’s a group of people in the whole spectrum of sexuality/genderqueerness that more desperately needs wide representation in media.  It’s NOT SAFE for trans* people to come out in their personal lives a lot of the time; the consequences to their careers, relationships, and safety can simply be too severe.  They should not have to endanger themselves in order to offer the people around them a learning experience.  Put these characters in TV, movies, and books, show their lives as people rather than caricatures and how to treat them respectfully.  They don’t always have to be the main character.  You can start by simply giving them room to exist.

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