Yep.  It’s hypocritical, for BBC Sherlock in particular, but really in general, because over half of Western lit can be considered fanfiction of older Western lit.

It’s also classic nerd-culture shaming.  Geekdom has gotten cool in a lot of ways, but there’s always somebody who’s designated as “Haha, as least we’re not THOSE guys.”  I think that truthfully that’s less about fanfiction and more about being chosen as low guy/girl on the totem pole.

I don’t feel so much like the people involved with BBC Sherlock have done much mocking of fanfic, though.  They often take care to speak supportively of their fans, and I think the vast majority of things they’ve said that fandom has taken exception to honestly boil down to poorly worded attempts to simply say, “That’s just not the direction we’re going with the show.”

(I have my own issues with THAT, mind you, centering on issues of sexuality and queerbaiting in the show—but those are less with Sherlock and more with mainstream media in general.)

Honestly I’ve never gotten the impression that they mind that it’s out there.  I have gotten the impression that they understand and appreciate that it’s done out of love.  And I think they probably get a bit cranky now and then because—just like everybody else—it can get a bit annoying for them when something that isn’t necessarily their personal cup of tea keeps getting shoved under their noses when they’re trying to do something else.

As far as Caitlin Moran in particular goes: while she is a professional journalist, she’s also a participant in fandom herself (though not necessarily slash fandom).  So I’m pretty sure this was an example of her getting carried away on her own enthusiasm.

“It was dumb” really is pretty much what I have to say about her move there.  We’ve done this dance a thousand times before.  Fan creators have been here, the actors have been here, the news media has been here, and at this point my opinion boils down to rolling my eyes because good grief.

Probably not good for her career, though.  Doesn’t really reflect well on a professional journalist (whose JOB is to basically be the ‘voice of fandom’ for the news service) to get so enthusiastic that she forgets to do things like ask permission first.

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