So, two years ago, the family allergy to corn got me. For a while it was
mild and nothing more than a periodic inconvenience, but lately I’ve begun
breaking out in reaction to my medications (including my ALLERGY MEDICINE,
wow that irony is awesome), and it’s been making my GERD act up worse (the
medicine I’ve been taking to control my stomach acid? Also corny, for more
irony). Also no headache medicines available in the US are corn-free.
I’ve been looking into my options, and it looks like I may have to shell
out to have my drugs specially made by a compound pharmacist. Shall we
start a betting pool on how much THAT will cost?

You think you understand what people mean when they say ‘corn is in
everything,’ but believe me. You have NO IDEA. There is not a single
version of Benadryl on the shelves that doesn’t have at least THREE
corn-derived ingredients in it. Also: powdered sugar, iodized salt, baking
powder, MATCHA(!!)

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