It’d be great if people could tag their Hannibal-related posts at least with the show name.

Because of the nature of the show, images and gifsets and other content don’t have to be explicitly disturbing in order to immediately evoke disturbing themes of cannibalism, death, body horror, murder, psychological torture, and so on.

Without tagging, because of this mechanic, gifsets and content that could possibly be from the show are also immediately suspect and disturbing until they are ‘cleared’ as unrelated to the show but by then the distress has already occurred for most people. 

Thanks in advance. 

I’ve got a bunch of new followers since last season, so here’s the deal on Hannibal and this blog.

I LOVE HANNIBAL.  I am likely to talk about it frequently.  However, I tag consistently with the show’s title.  Also when there’s going to be potentially disturbing content, I use read-mores AND I include a warning in the post subject or somewhere near the beginning of the post (because read-more and Tumblr Savior don’t protect people who’re browsing Tumblr on a mobile device).

If I miss something and you find yourself being disturbed by stuff on my blog, please do let me know!  And please don’t feel shame!  Hannibal is a horror program.  It’s MEANT to be upsetting and disturbing, and whether you’re triggered or you just would really rather avoid grimdark, it’s completely reasonable to not want upsetting and disturbing things in your life. 

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