Can you reblog this if you actually enjoyed His Last Vow because I’m seeing far too much negativity about it, on my dash, and want to see just how many people liked it. <3

I loved this entire season unabashedly. For me, the time for deep analysis and criticism is later, and even after that analysis, I may still love it. (Example: I recognize the problems in A Scandal in Bohemia, but I still love it as a piece of entertainment.)

It’s weirding me out a little, how defensive I’m feeling about having liked it. I don’t like that feeling at all, and I’m hoping it will pass soon. 🙁

As I told someone last night, I adore it even when it bugs the shit out of me. And don’t we all have people like that in our lives?


I hope everyone is aware that I would not write over 10,000 words of analysis in 2 days for something I didn’t think was worth my time. ^_^

Seriously.  I LOVED this season.  Was it perfect?  HELL no, it’s a hot mess.  But it’s exactly the kind of mess I love.  I can’t explain it exactly, but it’s like…the rough shape of a thing that I find really engaging and promising, and I can refine it and put the finishing touches on it to make it just the way I want.

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