Whew! The meta continues to gallop forward at an astonishing pace. (And a number of people—like emmagrant, valeria, destinationtoast, and reticentobsessive—have made lovely observations about the special role it seems to be playing for fans this time round.)  This Meta Roundup focuses on general reactions to His Last Vow, explores the characters of Mary, John, and Sherlock, and takes up some other issues (like Redbeard, Janine, drug use, and predictions for the future).

It’s impossible to keep up with everything, though I’m storing as much as I can (minimally sorted for the time being) on my main Sherlock Meta page.  As the pace of meta production slows down, I’ll do more to sort those out and send out additional Round Ups. (Keep your eyes peeled for a Roundup on Mummy, Mycroft, and Molly in the next few days.)

As always, I welcome your suggestions for additional metas to include (and categories to organize it by).  Go forth and think your thinky thoughts—and  let us be good to one another even (especially!) when we disagree with one another.    

Reactions to His Last Vow

On Janine

On Redbeard

On the end of HLV (with lots of JohnLock thoughts)

On Mary (with a focus on HLV)

 On Sherlock (focused on HLV)

On John (with a focus on HLV)

Random (and Fantastic!) Observations and Connections

Guys, Knackercroft is amazing.

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