Well, yes, Moffat does.  Why should the fact that Moffat sucks at representation affect my desire to see more of it?

I can give you so many reasons, though.

1:  I distinctly remember mentioning somewhere in there that I don’t believe we ever WILL see them kiss, and also that I don’t necessarily assume that that’s the kind of relationship they’d have (asexual or queerplatonic were both in there).

2:  Just because they’re privileged white guys doesn’t mean that it wouldn’t still matter to people.

3:  Yes, representation, in fact, because just because an author THINKS they’re writing a certain kind of story doesn’t mean they’re necessarily right, or that their interpretation of their work is necessarily the only accurate interpretation.  (Did you ever see the quote from John Green, where after a few years of people telling him that his novel, Paper Towns, was a sad book and him saying “No it isn’t,” he one day noticed that it was a very damn sad book?)

4:  If you’re not into literary theory, you may not be aware that the way literary criticism works is that multiple interpretations of a text can stand simultaneously as being ‘true.’  Just because I can assert and support the trueness of my interpretation does not mean that other asserted and supported interpretations are not equally valid.

The only way you can remove validity of a textual interpretation is by refuting it via argument, and I have no desire to tell anybody that their readings are incorrect if they happen to disagree with mine. 

So, really, I’m interested in proving it because I think it’s true.  And because I can argue a good case for it being true.  Which means that unless someone else can argue a good case for my argument being flawed, I’m as right as anybody else is.

But I suppose the real reason is probably :  The only reasons we “know” that it isn’t really a queer relationship are because the writers say so (and they are also on record as admitting that they are gleeful liars) and because the bulk of mainstream society assumes that a relationship is NOT queer unless proven otherwise.  And that pisses me off.

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