The thing I keep thinking about is that we’re seeing how Sherlock feels and what he does, but how does this all look to John?

  • Sherlock leaves John’s wedding early without a word.  I’d be hurt if I were John.
  • He doesn’t communicate for a month.  I firmly believe that this month separation (which, admittedly, would include their honeymoon) was not John’s doing, from certain textual clues.  I think Sherlock was avoiding him because a) drugs and b) fake girlfriend.
  • Sherlock’s gone back to drugs and didn’t get in touch.
  • Sherlock has a girlfriend suddenly and hasn’t seen fit to mention it.
  • Sherlock’s gotten rid of John’s chair super fast.  ”It’s nice to be missed.”
  • Sherlock sneers at people for making the “human error” of loving him, and is seen behaving heartlessly towards Janine.
  • Sherlock all but shoves John back at Mary, while both of them make John feel like eveyrthing bad that’s happened to him is his own damn fault.

John obviously knows that Sherlock killed Magnussen to spare Mary, and therefore John.  And he knows that he himself is Sherlock’s pressure point.  But after all the signs he’s been given above, can you blame him for having no fucking idea where he stands with the man?

Dammit why does this all have to be so true.

Because John!whump tastes the best, that’s why.

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