So you’re coming to 221B Con in April and at some point, you’ll be hungry. Last  year,  I put together a list of nearby places to obtain food & drink for anyone who might want a list handy. Some folks seemed to find it helpful, so here’s the 2014 version. (I’ll probably reblog this a time or two so blacklist 221BCon Some Foods if you’d like)

Credentials and Disclaimers:  I’ve spent most of the last 2 decades in Atlanta & used to work near the con hotel (I’ve never stayed there but the corporate events I’ve attended have been nice). That said, this list isn’t my list of favorite places to eat in Atlanta, but I put this together considering distance, cost, and convenience.

I’m happy to answer questions about the area or about my favorite places in Atlanta (spoiler: Decatur and Inman Park neighborhoods); feel free to message me.

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