I am new to editing, as I’ve said before. I spent many years pounding keys and hoping that a well-shaped story would spontaneously emerge. Then more recently I discovered how to separate out all the different creative processes that go into writing, I learned more about story structure, and I’ve begun to be more deliberate with my ideas through brainstorming, planning, and outlining. Now, for the first time, I’m learning to edit a large piece of writing.

I have learned a single thing, so of course I have to document that thing. #exhibitionist

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Okay, so this is an awesome Ivy-tastic post on writing process (as she do).  It also includes a couple of recs for editing tools that I am definitely going to try out.


There are a lot of aspects of writing process that writers can and do talk about, but the fundamental pattern of writing/revision is one it’s hard to discuss, because it’s so automatic and hard to document.  

This makes it hard both to see how other people do it (so you can see that there are other ways and maybe try them if you like the sounds of them) and also even to understand how you yourself work so that you can take conscious control of it.

But Ivy’s found a way!

Oh man, maybe I should do this for a couple of my stories and see what happens.

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