voidofprinciple asked:

Hi, can you recommend fics or art of John getting fisted? Just read Manual Dexterity and now I really crave John getting penetrated by stuff. Okay, finger, fist, toys, cock, I’m shameless, but preferably only by Sherlock. Thanks for the marvelous work you fantastic people, yup bottom really is the best place for John 😉

FISTING.  Oh, fisting.  <3

To the best of my knowledge, the following are all of the John-getting-fisted stories in the fandom (this is of course limited to what I’ve been exposed to, so it’s almost certainly not true and I hope people know of more!).

All of the following are consensual relationship sex, and mostly really rather sweet, as well as brain-meltingly filthy. ^_^

Your kiss, your fist, your strain, it gets under my skin, by the ever-lovely moonblossom

Handy Dandy, by pecandy — A follow-up to Some Like it Big, where John has a delectable size fetish.

Wrecked, by FaeryQueen07

Suck It Up, by fireofangels — Really about John’s intense size fetish, but it includes fisting.

Choice, by heeroluva — This one is one of my favorites!  It’s epically filthy, but also a really touching story about them exploring their sexual kinks together.  It includes surprise watersports, but they are tastefully done, and written in a way that even somebody who isn’t into that can appreciate.

And now I open the floor.  What fisting fics and art do you lovely people know about?

I’m going to reblog this over here, because it’s been a while since I did a rec.  I love all of these, and they’re great reads if you’re looking for some light-hearted smut.

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